The Lil' Sista project

Empowered women empower women but we also empower the women of tomorrow -- young girls, or as with call them, our Lil’ Sistas. 


Our Lil’ Sistas Project is an outreach program we launched for underprivileged girls.  We currently have a total to 76 amazingly awesome Lil' Sistas that we coach and mentor -- 50 at the Center of Hope and 26 at Holy Family Home.

The Center of Hope is run by the Voice of the Free and it is a healing and recovery home for human trafficking survivors, girls ages 13-20.  

The Holy Family Home Foundation is an orphanage and child protection home for girls ages 6-16, some of which are runaways or have been assigned to live there because their living conditions are unfit.


Currently we host the Lil’ Pow Boxing Class for them where we teach them the fundamentals of boxing but we also focus on empowering the girls through group circle time activities.  All of our Lil’ Sista Pow Boxing Classes start and finish the same, by having all Lil’ Sistas involved recite our Empowered Creed, a promise they make to try their best and empower one another.


In addition to the Lil' Pow Boxing Class, we also have started the Snail Mail Program.  It's a pen pal program where selected Lil' Sistas from the Center of Hope have been paired up with female amateur boxers from MJKO (Mentoring Junior Kids Organization) Boxing Club in Toronto, Canada.  It's an amazing opportunity for them to connect with a new friend so different than them but to further develop their social skills, language skills, and aid in their personal development and recovery.

These young girls, the Lil' Sistas, they are girls today but they are the women of tomorrow and we at Empowered are trying our best to give them the hope, the encouragement and the guidance they need so that they can become strong empowered women.

Help us
Help them!


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- Donate money to help us buy gear and materials needed to run the Lil' Sistas Project.

- Contact the Voice of Free and/or the Holy Family Home Foundation to donate directly to them.
- Have your company sponsor the Lil’ Sistas Project.

- Donate snacks and refreshments for our Lil' Pow Boxing Class.
- Sponsor our transportation to the Lil’ Sista Pow Classes with Grab credits.
- Continue sending us your positive vibes, words of encouragement and prayers!!!

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