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The Lil' Sista project

Empowered women empower women but we also empower the women of tomorrow -- young girls, or as with call them, the Lil’ Sistas.  These young girls, the Lil' Sistas, they are girls today but they are the women of tomorrow and we at Empowered are trying our best to give them the hope, the encouragement and the guidance they need so that they can become strong empowered women.


The Lil’ Sistas Project is an outreach program we launched for underprivileged girls.  Currently we have 76 Lil’ Sistas -- 50 from the Center of Hope, a recovery safe house for human trafficking survivors ages 13-20, and 26 from Holy Family Home, an orphanage and child protection home for girls ages 6-16.



Lil’ Pow Boxing Class -- Online/ In-person


For the protection of our Lil' Sistas, during the pandemic we were hosting our Lil' Pow Boxing classes online.  It was a hard adjustment for all but the awesomeness of hosting the classes online is that we get to combine ALL Lil' Sistas and train them together -- the Lil' Sistas from Holy Family Home and the Lil' Sistas from the Center of Hope.  And, it that wasn't great enough, having one big massive crew to train and introduce to each other, Empowered Clubhouse has since hired one Lil' Sista as a Clubhouse Assistant, Juvy.  Juvy has been helping assisting in coaching the online classes so desipte the challenges of quarantine life, we've been able to find much good in all this.  

Just recently we have resumed in-person Lil' Pow Boxing with the Lil' Sistas at Holy Family Home.  It was such a great reunion and we look forward to being able to resume in-person classes with the Lil' Sistas at the Center of Hope as well.



  • 100kms for the Lil' Sistas

  • Christmas Karaoke Party

  • Girl on Fire Lil' Sistas Hidden Talent Show

  • Meditation, Round Two with special guest

  • The Lil' Sista Online Christmas Party

  • Just Dance Dance Video Party

  • Games Day

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Help us
Help them!


- Like the Lil' Sistas Project Facebook Page and share it.
- Follow the Lil' Sistas Project on Instagram.
- Purchase a Lil’ Sista Hoodie or Empowered Cap.
- Post a picture of your Lil’ Sista swag on social media

   and tag Lil' Sistas or Empowered Clubhouse, use our hashtag #EmpoweringGirls.
- Donate money to help us buy gear and materials needed to run the Lil' Sistas Project.

- Contact the Voice of Free and/or the Holy Family Home Foundation to donate directly to them.
- Have your company sponsor the Lil’ Sistas Project.

- Donate your gently used clothing to our year-round Clothing Revive Drive.

- Donate snacks and refreshments for our Lil' Pow Boxing Class.
- Sponsor our transportation to the Lil’ Sista Pow Classes with Grab credits.
- Continue sending us your positive vibes, words of encouragement and prayers!!!

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