The Lil' Sista project

Empowered women empower women but we also empower the women of tomorrow -- young girls, or as with call them, the Lil’ Sistas.  These young girls, the Lil' Sistas, they are girls today but they are the women of tomorrow and we at Empowered are trying our best to give them the hope, the encouragement and the guidance they need so that they can become strong empowered women.


The Lil’ Sistas Project is an outreach program we launched for underprivileged girls.  Currently we have 76 Lil’ Sistas -- 50 from the Center of Hope, a recovery safe house for human trafficking survivors ages 13-20, and 26 from Holy Family Home, an orphanage and child protection home for girls ages 6-16.



Lil’ Pow Boxing Class

Snail Mail Program


The Snail Mail Program is a penpal program where selected Lil’ Sistas have been paired with female amateur boxers of around the same age who are training out of MJKO (Mentoring Junior Kids Organization) Boxing Club, a nonprofit boxing club opened and operated by Coach Miranda Kamal in Toronto, Canada.



100kms for the Lil’ Sistas

On December 6th we’re hosting a fundraising event to help raise relief support funds for the Lil’ Sistas and the facilities where they live.  The goal is to cover and conquer 100kms.  You can either bike, run or walk and you can either do it alone or with a team of your choosing.  Solo participants/teams are asked to raise 5,000Php by asking friends and family members to sponsor them.  Prizes will be awarded and our total fundraising goal is 80,000Php.  Whether we reach our goal or not, the point is to encourage people to get active, stay active, and work together towards raising awareness about child protection and fighting human trafficking.


To participant in the 100kms for the Lil’ Sistas, please CLICK HERE to go to our Facebook event page or CLICK HERE to go directly to our GoFundMe page.  Much thanks in advance for all the support and positive vibes for this greatly anticipated event.

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