34 Squats for the Birthday Fighter

A little birdie told me that it was a certain fighters' birthday yesterday and she didn't tell us, so, in celebration of her birthday, we all did 34 squats together as a team at the end of the workout.

Happy birthday Madille!!!

We're now half way through the first week of Round Two in the Revenge Fight Training and today our Boxing II fighters geared up for a very cardio-based boxing workout of

10 solid rounds. Good stuff, fighters. Honestly, you did really good and you're really picking up what I'm trying to teach you. Keep it up.

Today we added the upper jab, body hook and triple throws to our boxing arsinal. We also focused improving our coordination with combing our punches with movement (forward, backward, left to right side) and we focused on working the different levels too -- upper level and lower level. For your At-Home Practice, let's do a little repeat of what we did in class.

At-Home Practice

ROUND 1. Builder -- step with each jab but make a box as you build your builder.

ROUND 2. ONLY jabs for this round -- jab, double jab, faint jab, upper jab, pivot jab,

ROUND 3. Basic combos -- 1-2/ 1-2, 1-2/ 4/ 1-2-3-4 -- make 2 boxes for each, repeat

ROUND 4. 1-2-hook -- mix up your hooks: pivot, jump, body

ROUND 5. Any 4 punch combo but you must include upper and lower level.

ROUND 6. Any 4 punch combo but you must include a double OR triple throw.

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