A Few Changes...

The Level One class time has been switched from Monday 7pm to Monday 7am.

Instead of doing Skills Development Classes as separate, additional classes, they will be now intergraded into the Boxing Bootcamp as part of the program and hosted on your Level's usual class day and time. Next week will be your final week to Round Four so we will start this with the start of Round Five.

Round Five starts the week of August 3rd.

Minimal equipment required starting Round Five

  1. a skipping rope

  2. two small lightweights (or household items)

  3. yoga mat or towel

Also, NEXT week we'll be having our bi-monthly Fighters' Awards Ceremony at 9:30am, after our 8am Saturday Core Conditioning Class. We'll be giving due recognition and respect to those fighters amongst you who have graduated to the next level, as well as giving out some additional awards.

Madille and Saemgyeol, I have your award gifts from the previous Fighters' Awards Ceremony so I'll mailing you out your award gifts after this month's ceremony... just in case you scored more gifts, wink, wink.

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