A little Something-Something

Good morning Fighters and Lifters. It's midweek so I thought I'd give you a little something-something to push you forward into the second half of the week.

Some At-Home Practice perhaps?!

I don't always post the At-Home Practice because many of you are already training with me three times a week. I simply post it for extra workout ideas and motivation because I know some of you do do it.

For your At-Home Practice, I thought I'd mix in some boxing with some Core Conditioning. I kept the boxing relatively simple for this though because we have some Lifters here who have very little boxing experience and don't actually do boxing with us. Perhaps even our lifters will enjoy this though and might consider joining us for boxing... wink, wink.

At-Home Practice: Boxing Pyramid Challenge

jab, straight x10, push-ups x10

round (left & right) hooks x20, squats x20

jab, straight x30, Russian bicycles x30

round hooks x40, squats x40

jab, straight x30, double leg stretch x30

round hooks x20, squats x20

jab, straight x10, push-ups x10

Time yourself and then do it once more, either this week or another week, to see if you can beat your own time. It's you vs you!!!

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