A Recap of the Week and At-Home Practice

Happy Saturday fighters and Lifters. Here are your post workout selfies...

For this weekend's At-Home Practice, you'll be doing 5 sets of X reps, of 5 exercises. You pick your level.

Level 1 is 10 reps.

Level 2 is 15 reps.

Level 3 is 20 reps.

For example, if you pick Level 2, you'll be doing 5 sets of 15 reps, of 5 exercises.

For those of you fighters in Revenge Fight Training...

  1. Pillow skiers

  2. Pillow slams

  3. Pushup with walkover

  4. Wobbly touch downs

  5. Bird dog (with the pillow on your back... remember?!)

And for those among you in the L.I.F.T. Camp...

  1. Single leg squat (don't forget to do both!)

  2. Sumo squat pulses

  3. Tricep dip with leg extension

  4. Double rows

  5. Walkouts

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