A Sweaty Sesh!

Ending the first full week of ECQ, Round Three, with a sweaty, gym nasty workout -- Body Pump. We were missing many of our Swole Sistas but I think we did you all proud with just how hard we trained today.

Here is the workout that we did today. It consisted of 2 AMRAPs and 2 Plank Times. Please see the description below for an explanation on how to do it.

SET 1: AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) -- 8 minutes

Complete 10 reps for the following four exercises and complete as many rounds as possible for 8 minutes. The goal is to complete at least 2 solid rounds of the 4 exercises.

For plank jacks, in Week One we did 3 jacks and then 3 plank twists. For today's AMRAP, you have the choice of either 3, like Week One, or 2. Take note though, 2 plank jacks and 2 plank twists only count as 1 rep and you have 10 to do for a round.


You're to do 3 sets of planks -- forward plank, left side plank, right side plank.

60 seconds on, 60 seconds off.

SET 3: AMRAP -- 8 minutes

Like the first AMRAP in Set 1, do 10 reps of each exercise and when exercises have a left and right, left and right equals one rep, with the exception of the around the world lunges.

For around the world lunges, a forward lunge, squat and reverse lunge equals 1 rep but left and right equals 2 reps, unlike with the plank kicks and even the mountain climbers where left and right equals 1.

Most likely you'll complete 2 full rounds of this particular set of 4 exercises so see if you can push it and get 3 sets in!


Exactly the same as Set 2.

With warm up stretching, the 2 minutes break after each AMRAP, the 1 minute break after the plank, and a cool down stretch, the entire workout actually takes about 35 minutes but it's a rough and intense one. The key is to pace yourself. Take minor