Aaaaand WE'RE BACK, well, almost... so let's prep!!!

It's official, Empowered Clubhouse is REOPENING it's doors for its fighters, YOU, to return to training. It's been a long six months of quarantine life with Sunday being the six month mark; can you believe that?!

Please note we TOOK OFF the COVID-19 test we initially had on our Fight Plan list of rules and protocol. We're not discouraging anyone from getting the test but feel it gives a false sense of security because the fact of the matter is no sooner do you test negative but you could walk out into the street and become positive. Moreover, we want to discourage our fighters from visiting the hospitals and clients unless absolutely needed. I know the front liners have been working around the clock so let's not give them any more work and put ourselves in further danger by visiting a place where COVID19 is.

So NO MANDATORY COVID test. Please void that on the Return to Training form.

Also, we will be holding off on restarting all our in-clubhouse small team training just yet. We're hoping to resume it in October though so fighters participating in that, hold off for just a little bit longer please and thank you.

Please note the slight changes in the training/coaching schedule as well. To ensure that fighters' training times do not overlap and that we have enough time to clean the clubhouse after each fighter, we've placed 30 minute blocks in between some fighters that were once training back-to-back at Empowered. This will give us the needed cleaning time for our staff.

Also, please note, this Monday will also be our first assistant's first day on the job -- Juvy. She'll only be working with us part time until the end of October when she'll be then full time. She'll be the one to great you at the door, take your temperature and spray your hands. Please be sure to greet her with a smile and excuse her nervous giggle as this is all very new to her and this is her first job. We're super excited to have her join our team and I'm sure you'll quickly agree she's super sweet.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please be sure to contact us.

We're super excited to have our fighters return to training and hope you'll looking forward to moving back quarantine life and refocusing yourself on kicking butt with your health and fitness. Oh, and one more thing, yes, for those asking, we won't be doing our P.A.T. the first week back. We'll give you a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things and then will do it the first week of October... that is unless you want to do it sooner, wink, wink.

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