An Insider's Scoop

Great training today Swole Sistas. Those pistol squat beginners and figure 8's killed me... but in a good way.

I had mentioned to those of you at training today and I'll mention it again here (partly to see who's actually keeping up with this page and listening in)... if you ever miss one of our online group workouts and want to still do it, please contact me.

I have pre-recorded 99% of the online group workouts for this month so they've been all edited and then, at the start of each new week, that week's videos get uploaded. If you want to do a workout you've missed, contact me and I'll send you a link for a day pass. You can register for free.

To get a free day pass every time and any time you want, all I ask is the following:

  1. Please do NOT post about doing one of my pre-recorded workouts.

  2. Do NOT share the link

  3. Agree to do a simple online survey after you use the workout video.

These workouts are part of my soft launch that is currently happening online so while it's still in the testing stage, I'd be more than happy to let you test them out. I'm looking for open and honest feedback on them though, don't try to butter me up with compliments. Compliments are great but they're not what's going to make the official launch any stronger or better.

Alrighty, so there you have it, an insider's scoop for anyone here who read this post. How's that for a sweet incentive to continue training hard. See, I told you I'm in your corner!

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