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Happy new year, ladies, and welcome to 2022!!! I've been letting you enjoy the Christmas/NY holiday and only hosting one workout a week but now that both Christmas and New Years are over, lets get back to business.

This year I want to take a new approach towards your training with our focus shifting to consistency. Consistency over intensity and continual effort over extreme effort. Effort is effort, regardless of it's a lot or a little, and the emphases here is continual effort. The intensity at this point is irrelevant. The point is to stay consistent, approach fitness and health with regards to building and maintaining a life style. So I want you to fight this year, but continually fight not just went you're comfortable or have the extra time. Think of this as a 12 round fight and January is just round one. Don't give up. Fight for fitness.

This year I'll be launching a new 4 week camp -- Sweat & Swole. It's a sweet spin off but new and improved version of our Get Swole camp. There will be a full body workout, that's the "Sweat", and there will be a weight training workout, that's the "Swole". Unlike our Get Swole that also had a core workout to it, our Monday morning workout, Sweat & Swole will have a third workout for you to do but it will be a prerecorded workout I'll film the week of and then send you all the private link to. You'll have one week to complete it. The idea here is that I want you to self motivate yourself to do it but because it doesn't have a set day or time, it's totally up to you with regards to when and where you will do it. This way schedule conflicts aren't even an issue.

This Monday I'm hosting a FREE INTRO class for Sweat & Swole. I'll be posting the add later today, opening it up to TEN LADIES TO PARTICIPATE FOR FREE. If you're interested, awesome, be sure to grab one of the 10 spots. Don't forget to tell your gal pals.

Registration for Sweat & Swole is already open on our website here but please note ONLY 10 LADIES can participate. I want women who will try their best to commit and really want to fight for fitness -- consistently fight. I am committed to helping you, always have been, so let's start this year off by committing to the fight, the fight for fitness.

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