And that Ends ANOTHER Round, ANOTHER Camp.

Thank you to all you fighters who participated in Round Five our of Revenge Fight Training Camp. We really appreciated the excitement of all those who signed up but we respect those who actually showed up and put in the time, brought the awesome energy, and committed to the training. We know it wasn't easy but that's why we have so much respect for you.

Commitment is hard but you did it!!!

Round Six of our Revenge Fight Training starts on Monday and we'd love to have you continue your hard training with us. If you haven't yet registered but want to join us, please drop us an email at or reach out to me, Coach Amy. I'd love to have you to coach some more!!!

This past camp we had our Lifters switch from our resistance bands to tubes. After 8 months, we switched and the switch was good... hard but good. Props to you too for that because what was just supposed to be me, Coach Amy, coaching you through a workout turned into me using the class as my own workout. So I didn't go easy on you and we worked up quite the sweat but it was good. Hopefully things get figured out for those who had to miss the classed because of life. We did miss you and every week we wondered what you've been up to. Please let us know if you'll be joining us for this upcoming camp -- L.I.F.T. Camp 10.0.

Thanks again to ALL those who participated -- the Revenge Fighters and Lifters. You never cease to impress me with your awesome early morning energy and positive vibes. Thank you for always starting my Mondays with a solid, sweaty Killa Core and ending it with an energetic Full Body Pump sweat sesh. Your commitment, hard work and energy was evident and I hope you felt it appreciated by not only me but by the others training with you online. Thank you ladies.

-- Coach Amy

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