And the Winning Fighters are...

Respect the training, honor the commitment, cherish the results..

As part of our Clubhouse's 2nd birthday celebration, we want to give back to the fighters who have joined us online and have shown commitment to training hard. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard and part of working hard has meant waking up early and showing up online.

These 7 fighters listed here have come to at least 70% of their Revenge Fight Training workouts, and with us training them 3 times a week, talk about dedication. We held a draw tonight and the name of two dedicated fighters were picked.

Much congrats to Bea and Thereser for being the winning fighters. Much respect and gratitude to all the other fighters who have shown their commitment to our camp. We have mad respect and props for you.

Round Six of our Revenge Fight Training starts next Monday, that's June 8th, so sign up online at or message us directly. Thanks everyone and a happy birthday to not only our Clubhouse but all who have become a part of it. We appreciate you more than you know it. Thank you.

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