And the Winners for the 1st spot prize are...

So we asked you a question, threw it out there with a spot prize to see who was paying attention. We asked, why is our fitness challenge called 42 to Forty Two?! We asked for one answer and the first two to answer correctly would get a prize. So we asked, you answered, and here's the two winners and their answer....

"Because its 42 fit filled days until you turn 42!!😎"

-- Wendy

"42 days of fitness.. and in 42 days coach my will turn 42 yo 🙂"

-- Karol

So what's their prize?! Well, it wouldn't be a real contest from Coach Amy if there wasn't coffee involved so viola... BOOM! Both of you lovely ladies, Wendy and Karol, will get a pack of coffee from Coach Amy's favourite local brand -- Barista Coffee Beans!!! Congrats ladies!!!

Here's a follow-up spot prize... what's another reason why it's called the 42 to Forty Two, more specifically, why is it 42 days? Wendy and Karol, you two probably already know, so lets see if anyone else can get this one! Tell us what it is below and you too will get a spot prize!!!

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