Another Insider's Scoop for you ladies

We just entered Week Two of this round of camps and today we went strong with Killa Core. We have the rest of this week to push through and the remaining two weeks as well. And while I don't want to take any focus off these next weeks of classes, it's because of the following decision that I'll be able to focus solely on the remaining weeks of this round of camp.

After this round of camp, there will be a ONE WEEK BREAK before the next round of camps. My reasoning is this, I don't want you to burn out and you deserve a week of late wake ups and body recharging. Having said this though, I will be offering TWO FREE WORKOUTS that week for ANYONE who has trained with Empowered Clubhouse or has been invited by a friend who has trained with me.

So for those who want the entire week off, it's yours to sleep in. Recharge and recover. But for those who still want to train and keep the momentum flowing, join me online for a workout or two. I'll disclose the details about that as we approach but I just wanted to give you a heads up on that before the public.

Also, only the following camps will be offered next round:

  1. Get Swole

  2. Lunch Box

  3. Revenge Fight Training -- FINAL ROUND!!!

Yes, you read right. We'll be having our FINAL ROUND of Revenge Fight Training, Round Eight, because after it will be a new boxing camp. So far, we've had the Boxing Bootcamp and now the Revenge Fight Training. Stay tuned for what boxing camp is next!!!

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