Another Round... Round Six?!

YES... we are definitely going another round!!!

Despite us now (thankfully) going back to general quarantine, many are still super hesitant to return to training at their gyms, I totally understand this and can totally relate. Consequently, yes, we will be going another round with the Boxing Bootcamp.

Having said this, is everyone okay with the current time schedule?

Level One -- Monday, 7am

Level Two -- Tuesday, 7am

Level Three -- Wednesday, 7am

Core Conditioning -- Saturday, 8am

Unfortunately, due to my coaching schedule with my in-clubhouse fighters, once I reopen Empowered Clubhouse, rescheduling the classes for later on in the day may be a bit challenging but I can schedule them earlier, like 6am, if requested by the majority of you.

Please let me know your thoughts here -- keep the boxing classes to 7am, reschedule to 6am or try to make them later in the day, like early evening. The same goes with the Core Conditioning class. I am now able to make it earlier if the majority of you prefer it to be at 7am. Just let me know in the comments section below. Thanks fighters.

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