Another Strong Start to Another Strong Week

Core Conditioning with the fighters from the Revenge Fight Training, Round Two, and the Lifters from L.I.F.T. Camp 6.0. Always a great, strong way to start the new week -- gym nasty happy with a workout almost everyone under the sun loves to do, ABS!!!

For your At-Home Practice, I decided to pick only 4 of the exercises you did today during our group workout online. You'll be doing four rounds, just like this morning, following the time on/time off sequence we also used. BUT I'll leave it up to you with whether you want to do one set of this or two. One set of four rounds will take you 11 minutes. Two sets will then take you 22 minutes, 23-24 if you take a minute or two rest in between.

At-Home Practice...

  1. Sitting knee tucks

  2. Toe touch crossovers

  3. Double leg stretch

  4. Scissors

40:20/ 30/15/ 20:10/ 30:0

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