At-Home Practice for Boxing I

Boxing II started yesterday and today it was time for the fighters in Boxing I to step up and take their best jab at training. Missing a couple of fighters today, no worries, but props to these two for their awesome efforts. And guess what, one of these two is a total newbie to boxing. She's such a "green fighter" so let's welcome her to the wonderful world of boxing!!!

The candid shot, us all getting in to position... so funny.

The actual GYM NASTY, post-workout group shot.

Fighters for today's Boxing I class, we stuck to the basics, just the jab, straight. The 1-2. So for your At-Home Practice, please refer to THIS Instagram post showing the 5 basic 1-2 combos we worked on today. Please pay extra attention to your footwork with them. Step with the jab, pivot with the last 2.

At-Home Practice:

ROUND 1: 1-2

ROUND 2: 1-2, 1-2

ROUND 3: 4

ROUND 4: 1,2,3,4

ROUND 5: 2, 1-2

Try to practice the above combos moving forward, backward and sideways. Today we did a bit of movement with stepping on the spot for the jab, the 1, but at home please try to move forward and backwards at least. Next week we'll be working on more movement so please get comfortable with the basics of these 5 starter combos. Thanks fighters!

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