At-Home Practice for Boxing I Fighters

You thought you got away with no extra At-Home Practice... nice try. Honestly, I thought I had posted it so my apologies for that. I added a little extra here to make up for it -- the 5 combos that we focused on in the first week.


1. Stepping with the jab (1) and pivoting with straight (2).

2. Moving in a box – forward, left, backward, right.

3. Hook and round hook.


Think of making a box on the floor with your movement. Step with the jab. Right now we’re keeping things basic and having you only step with first jab but I also challenged you today to start to step with every jab you throw. The jab isn’t a powerful punch but stepping with it is what gets you into your opponent’s range of fire. The jab sets up the rest of your punches, your combos.

When throwing the hook, remember to aim with your two largest knuckles. To do so, you’ll have to raise your elbow higher than your wrist, so that your arm is pointing down. Whether your fist is pointing down, pointing towards your body or away from you, right now that’s not so important. What is important is aiming for those two knuckles. You want to land your punches on the knuckles and not the flat bones of your fingers. The joint is stronger than the bones for taking the impact of your punches.

Whenever I say “Round” anything, whether it’s a round hook or round weave it means you will throw that punch or do that weave from both sides – lead and rear/ left and right. So a “round hook” is two hooks. It’s a lead hook followed by a rear hook, and vis versa.

Remember to keep your guard up. Always have one fist by your face. This also means that when you throw a punch, the starting point is your face, your chin. So don’t be wild with your hooks and make a large bicycle wheel with your fist. Rotate your shoulder and then throw the hook from your chin.


Please familiarize yourself with the following 5 basic combos from last week.

COMBO 1: 1-2

--> 1 (jab), then throw the 2 (straight) and pivot with it

COMBO 2: 1-2, 1-2

--> 1 (jab), throw a 2 (straight). Step with the 1 (jab), pivot with the 2 (straight)

COMBO 3: .4

--> 1 (jab), 2 (straight), 1 (jab), pivot with the 2 (straight)

COMBO 4: 1-2-3-4

--> Step with the 1 (jab), step with the 2 (straight), step with the 1 (jab), pivot

with the 2 (straight)

COMBO 5: 2, 1-2.

--> 2 (straight), step with the 1 (jab), pivot with the 2 (straight)

Practice doing 10x each of the following combos.

1. 1-2, lead hook

2. 1-2, round hook

3. 1-2, round weave

4. 1-2, round hook, round weave

5. 1-2, weave, 2

6. 4, round hook, weave, 2

7. 4, round hook, round weave, 1-2

8. 1-2, weave, 2, lead hook

9. 2, 1-2, weave, 2