At-Home Practice for Boxing II

Great jAb fighters, really great work!!!

As you know, today was the last boxing session for the Revenge Fight Training, Round Three, BUT we still have our Full Body Pump workout scheduled for this Friday so please don't miss out on that. Let's go out of this round with a big bang -- a knockout!!!

For your At-Home Practice, please do a revised version of today's workout, focusing on your form and making sure you're not just punching on the spot but are instead moving forward, left, right and back. Move around in your space. Get comfortable punching and moving at the same time. Keep your elbows in, guard up, and make sure you always have a hand by your face.

R1 Agility ladder warmup: in-in, out-out/ in, out, across/ high knees across

R2 & 3 (10x all of the following)

1-corkscrew 2/hook

1-pivot hook

1-2, pivot out/jump/ body hook

1-2, pivot in, body shot

side/down parry, double jab

1, overhand right

1-2, backstep, 2

1-2, bounce back, 1-2

R4 Jab, side parry, double jab, corkscrew 2, weave, 2

R5 Jab, side parry, jab, pivot out jab, 2, weave, triple throw 2-u-h

R6 Jab, side parry, jab, bounce back, 1-2, weave, 2-upper-hook

R7 Double jab, jab, lead jump hook, 2, back step 2, 1-corkscrew 2

Double jab, jab, lead body hook, rear hook, 2, back step, corkscrew 2

R8 Double jab, jab, overhand right, lead body, 2, back step, 2, 1-corkscrew 2

R9 1 min/1 builder but end with a corkscrew hook

R10 Free style

Don't forget we also have our Full Body Pump workout on Friday, 7am, and that Round Four of our Revenge Fight Training starts next week. Let me know if you want me to register or register online at Thanks fighters!

P.S. You get a free Slay Gear Revenge Training shirt for registering. It's just a little thank you gift from us at Empowered to you, for your hardwork and inspiring badassery!

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