At-Home Practice for Boxing II

Updated: May 12, 2021

Awesome work today Boxing II Revenge fighters, but one question...


Every week I'll be posting what I call "At-Home Practice" -- bits and pieces of our workout and extensions of it. It's up to you with whether or not you want to do with it but my recommendation is to give it a try, especially if you struggled during class on it.

For this week's At-Home Practice for Boxing II Revenge Fighters, I put together a short little 5 round boxing circuit. One round is 3 minutes and after each round, give yourself a 30-40 second break.

PRO TIP: download a simple boxing round timer on your phone.


ROUND 1: Agility ladder (same as this morning)

10x over left to right

10x in-in, out-out

10x in-out, over

ROUND 2: Focus count offs

10x 1-2, lead hook

10x 1-2, jump lead hook

10x 1-2, pivot lead hook

10x 1-2, round hook (lead then rear)

10x 1-2, lead jump hook, rear hook

10x 1-2, lead pivot hook, rear hook

ROUND 3: Focus count offs

10x 1-2, backstep, 2

10x 1-2, bounce back, 1-2

10x 1-2-3-4, backstep, 2

10x 1-2-3-4, bounce back, 1-2

ROUND 4: Builder

1min/ 1 builder

ROUND 5: Simple combos

10x 1-2, jump lead hook, 2, backstep, 2, 1-2

10x 1-2-3-4, rear hook, 1-2, backstep, 2

10x 1-2-3-4, bounce back, 1-2, lead hook, lead jump hook, 2

10x 1-2, bounce back, 1- pivot lead hook, 2

ROUND 6: Shadow boxing


1. Keep your elbows in! Stand right beside a wall and then throw a punch, Your elbow is either going to smack the wall or it's not. It if does, it's because you raise your elbows too much. You have no core protection and it'll just exhaust your energy with keeping them raised up as such.

2. Learn to move in more than just a forward direction.

The only thing that really stands still in boxing is a heavy bag and even that swings.

3. Keep one hand by your face at all times!