At-Home Practice for L.I.F.T.

We're starting L.I.F.T. Camp 10.0 with a small crew of two but that doesn't mean we're going easy. Much thanks to Wendy for being such a badass and keeping up with me, Coach Amy. I should note that because I knew it'd just be Wendy and me training today, I planned it according to how I'd want to workout because hey, if I'm going to workout in this class, then we're going to w-o-r-k-o-u-t!!! No easy lifting here, thank you very much.

At-Home Practice...


  1. Shoulder rotations

  2. Back row to tricep kickback

  3. Split squat with bicep curl

  4. Good mornings


  1. Chest flyes

  2. Tricep extensions – L/R

  3. Split squat with lateral raises

  4. Laying leg stretch with bicep curls

  5. Russian twists

For each of the above 2 circuits, you can either set your timer bell to 40/30 seconds on, 20/15 seconds off or count 15 reps. If counting reps, left and right equal one rep.

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