At-Home Practice for L.I.F.T. Camp 9.0

First day at breaking in our brand new resistance tubes and we seem to have some of our Lifters missing. Don't worry, you missed a great workout but we definitely trained hard enough for all of us, including those missing.

Hey Wendy, how did you like the new resistance tubes?


SET ONE :40/20, 30/15. 20/10

  1. Standing chest flyes -- mid to high range

  2. Lunge with lateral raises

  3. Back rows -- wide to close grip

  4. Sumo squat with bicep curl

  5. Russian twists

  6. Splinter sit ups


  1. Double up the tubes to increase the intensity and just in case one snaps.

  2. The pairs for doubling: black & green, green & blue, blue & red, red & yellow.

  3. Be conscious of your range of motion. If you're not getting a full range, perhaps you need lighter resistance in the tubes, so pick a lighter pair.

  4. Want a more intense workout, add a cardio exercise during the "break time", like jumping jacks, running on the spot, or shadow skipping. Another way to up the intensity is to shorten the rest time.

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