At-Home Practice for Our Lifters

I'm not going to lie, switching from using the resistance bands to the resistance tubes has been such a game changer for our L.I.F.T. sweat sessions online and I'm so glad we made the jump. We don't have any kind of explosive exercises in our workout because L.I.F.T. is all about low impact, hence the name, but that doesn't mean these workouts are easy. They're low IMPACT, not low INTENSITY. It's a full body workout with resistance bands as oppose to weights.


30:15 x 3 rounds

1. Sumo squat hold with lat pulldown

2. Sumo squat with upright rows

3. Serve the platter

4. Narrow squat with bicep curls

5. Chest flyes

6. Tricep kickbacks

7. Skiers

8. Core twists – left and right

For your At-Home Practice, this is a repeat of some of the exercises from today's live online workout together.


1. Keep a nice steady pace, strict form.

2. Be mindful of where your weight is when you squat -- keep it on the back of your heels and sit back when you squat, being conscious of not to lean forward and shift your weight forward.

3. If you want to up the intensity, do 3 rounds of each exercise before going to the next.

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