Attention Ladies

BIG NEWS... do I have your attention, yet?

As most of you know, Empowered is launching a 21 Day Workout Challenge that starts Wednesday, July 1st. You all are definitely invited to participate it in, of course, but please note that because of it...

Revenge Fight Training, Round 7 starts Monday, August 2nd.

L.I.F.T. Camp 11.0 starts Monday, August 2nd.

They both start on the same date but a month after Round 6.

Also, for those interested in the 21 Day Workout Challenge, for only 1.2K, you can upgrade your free registration to Active Challenger and participate in ALL OUR ONLINE. WORKOUTS during the challenge. Right now there are 15 scheduled but I might make it a full 21 sessions offered online. That's less than 100Php per workout.

Not ALL the "workouts" are physical ones, like full fledge physical exercise sessions, but each session online will last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. You're encouraged to attend all but it's really up to you which ones you attend. Also, on Sunday we have mental wellness sessions so I do have some special guests hosting those challenges.

I hope many of you join. If not, that's okay, feel free to cheer us ladies on and I hope to see our Revenge Fighters and Lifters in August when we resume our Revenge Fight Training and L.I.F.T.

One last thing, please note that next week, June 28 to July 2, is Week Four of our Revenge Fight Training, Round Six and L.I.F.T. Camp 10.0 so let's enjoy the weekend and then go strong with our last week of training before our break/21 Day Workout Challenge.

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