Two big things are happening here at Empowered and so I thought I'd give you all the insider's scoop before we made this public....


...we're looking for a new assistant!!!

As many know, Juvy from the Lil' Sistas Project has been our Empowered Assistant for a year and a half but her contract is up, it was up actually half a year ago, so we're needing to find another assistance. Of course preference would be to one of our Lil' Sista but we're needing to fill this position sooner than later.

We are actually thinking about making it a live-out position so that a Lil' Sista can simply live at Empowered for mentoring and to finish school. If you or someone you knows would be interested in this position, please CLICK HERE to give us a brief insight about you and then we'll happily contact you.


we're launching a 42 day challenge!!!

In 42 days from the start of the challenge is my, Coach Amy, birthday so I want to do something fun with it because celebrating my 40th AND 41th in quarantine was brutal!!! Stay tuned for details because you're not going to want to miss the chance to get stronger, healthier and happier with some badass, legit prizes and great daily challenges.

Please note, because of our 42 to Forty Two Fitness Challenge, Round Three of Woman Up! Swole Time will resume after this event so be sure to join on the action. Lots of prizes to be won!!!

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