Birthday burpees, fUN!

It's always great to have you ladies training hard and training online but yesterday we started ECQ again here in the Philippines so it was extra nice to start the day off with an overdose of endorphins and smiles because our online workout together. And thank you... ?!... for the birthday burpees Swole Sistas, that was a real treat. I think they woke me up more than my coffee.

It's now the weekend and you have it off training but I wanted to throw an idea out there that I'm working on -- my next project with Empowered Clubhouse. I'm needing THREE VOLUNTEERS who will COMMIT to ONE MONTH OF FREE TRAINING ONLINE. But there's a catch, I'm needing women I've never trained before and women who don't just say they want to workout but who will actually and honestly TRY to commit.

This is a trial run for a new program I'm launching so I'm needing honest and unbiased feedback for it, hence why it needs to be women I've never trained before and those who will honestly commit. If they start and have all intentions of committing but then somewhere along the way the go astray because the program isn't interesting or whatnot... something about the program,... that's ok because that's an issue I'll have to deal with.

I have a total of TEN SPOTS available, 3 have already been taken, 4 I'll be doing a giveaway/call-out for, and I've designated 3 spots for any friend of my current clients. Let me know if you have a gal pal that would be interested. I'm hoping to have it set up and launched within the next couple of weeks.

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