Boxing I, Completed Round One with Success!

Great training today ladies. Here's to wishing all your teammates are training at home because they've been MIA online. But props to you for training extra hard and supporting the entire team.

In Round One of the Revenge Fight Training, Boxing I, we focused on the fundamentals of boxing -- your boxing stance, Orthadox vs South Paw, your guard, lead hand, rear hand, jab, straight, left hook, right hook, round hook, weaving and round weaving. We didn't get too complicated because you're all green fighters and we wanted to ensure you had a good, strong, solid foundation first.

At-Home Practice for Boxing I, Week4:

Practice the 5 basic combos used in class and then lets get more difficult with some other combos using the 1-2, hooks and weaving.

The Five Basic Combos:

10x 1-2

10x 1-2, 1-2

10x 4

10x 1,2,3,4

10x 2, 1-2

Additional Combos:

10x 1-2, weave, 2

10x 1-2, round hook, weave, 2

10x 1, lead hook, weave, 1, rear hook

10x 2, 1-2, weave, 2, hook

10x 1-2, 1-2, weave, 2, 1-2

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