Boxing II Fighters Ending their Round Strong!

Awesome work today fighters with your training. Honestly, I'm always impressed with the level of energy you bring so early in the morning and your willingness to give what I'm teaching you a try. Thank you for that. It makes me a very proud coach.

Today marked the last of the boxing classes for Boxing II in Round One of the Revenge Fight Training so we did a recap of much of what we learned in the past month together.

Things learned in Round One of Boxing II:

pivot hook, jump hook, body jab, body straight, back step, slip, step out, double, triangle step, side step/step out hook,... we also did a lot of foot drills with agility ladder warm-ups and fast feet Tabata. We did a lot, YOU did a lot. I'm not sure if you remember it all but you tried hard and if can remember much of it, awesome.


For your At-Home Practice for this week, let's review much of what you learned.

Your At-Home Practice...

10x 1-2, pivot hook, 2

10x 1, upper, hook, round weave, 1-2

10x 1-2, jump hook, 2

10x 1-2, round slip, 1, body straight

10x 1, body jab, round hook, step out with the jab

10x round body, triangle step, double

10x. 1-2, side step hook, 2

10x 1-2, back step, 2, body jab

10x 1, left double, triangle step, double

For each of the above combos, play around with using your left and right. For example with the second combo (1, upper, hook, round weave, 1-2) you could try the following:

1, right upper, left hook, round weave, 1-2

1, right upper, right hook, round weave, 1-2

1, left upper, right hook, round weave, 1-2

1, left upper, left hook, round weave, 1-2