Christmas is coming

We're still training hard, training strong and getting stronger here at Empowered, both in-clubhouse and online, but we wanted to give you a friendly reminder to let us know if you're taking Christmas holidays and will be MIA for training.

Christmas is for families, friends, festive activities, and yes, for many, it's also for festive food. We get that and, trust us, we totally, unquestionably want you to enjoy in that. We want you to enjoy ALL that. We know you've deserved it but we also know it's the second Christmas in this crazy pandemic but with restrictions loosen up, so we really want you to enjoy this Christmas season in particular. It's been a long, hard pandemic and we want you to enjoy this Christmas 100% guilt-free and to the fullest.

We will probably only close Empower for Christmas eve and Christmas day, then again for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, so if you want to take a break from training just please give us a heads up before you do so. The heads up ables us to change our schedule, plan accordingly, and put your membership on hold. So take that break, enjoy it to the fullest, and then let's come back for the new year and really start fresh, start strong, and start refocused and refreshed.

We had some new things planned for the new year so don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay posted. Merry early Christmas, ladies.

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