Coach's Recommendation

For any of you fighters looking to get a great rope, here's some pointers...

For starters, I recommend you skip the jump rope and go get a speed rope.

Jump ropes vs speed ropes, they're not the same. A jump rope is most often made out of plasitc, that is unless you get one of those OG ropes that is made out of actual rope. But a speed rope, it's a metal cable. It's made for speed, hence the name, it's a lot more durable and it doesn't get tangled like a typical rope. I recommend getting a speed rope.

The main thing I look for when I'm going for a rope, be that a jump rope or a speed rope, is the handle. Some handles have it where you can pop off the end of the handle and adjust the length the rope. My recommendation for ropes like this is to cut off any major excessive rope because if you don't and then you shove it back in the handle, it may jam the rope, impairing the rope to turn properly as you skip (jump rope). Easiest thing to do with ropes like this is cut a bit of it but then tie a knot in the rope on the other side of the handle. Tying a knot is only an option though if you have a jump rope. You can tie a knot in a speed rope but it won't stay and/or it'll make a kink in your rope because it's metal.

My go-to speed rope that I'm a HUGE fan of (and am not sponsored to say that) is this rope here, in the picture, the Taview rope. I bought it off Lazada and it came about 1.5weeks later after ordering it. I have 1 in green and 2 in the silver. Side note here, the silver looks very cool, like a futuristic speed rope!!! Anyways, it's a speed rope so it's a metal cable but how the actual rope part connects to the handle is quite unique. It uses a universal barring so when the cable turns, the handle doesn't. Click HERE to see my quick review on Instagram.

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