Day 1, Week 1

Core Conditioning on an early Monday morning -- what a positive way to jump into the brand new week!!!

Great class today, ladies. I figured I'd start the week off with Core Conditioning because if you're like most, you love training core, and plus I thought it'd be a great way to introduce you all.

All the link for both the Revenge Fight Training camp and L.I.F.T. 5.0 camp are posted on the side column of the Coach's Corner so please be sure to have it available for class. To make things SUPER SIMPLE because I'm sure you're using Zoom links for everything and anything nowadays, please note the SAME ZOOM LINK will be used for ALL group training online with Empowered Clubhouse.

Zoom link name: CAMP TRAINING

This doesn't mean you'll be allowed to tend whatever class, it just means you only have one link to make sure you keep a hold of. Let's not complicate things, right?! Right.

There is a waiting room set up for every person that tries to enter the link so if you try to join when it's not your class then you simply will not be allowed to enter. Also, if you happen to use someone else's computer for the class, no problem, but please give me a heads up so that I know it's you joining us and not just some hacker. Hey, it does happen!

Tomorrow we'll be having BOXING II so those in that class, please remember to prepare your heavy bag. It doesn't have to be an official one. No one from my previous camp or any of my fighters online have ever actually showed up with a legit heavy bag. Homemade heavy bags are more than welcome, as are air bags sold online. So if you need ideas on how to go about making one or what air bag I recommend online, then just message me and I'll help you out.

Great training today fighters and Lifters. Keep it up and I'll see you at training!

-- Coach Amy

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