Day One...

And so it begins, the next round of our Revenge Fight Training, Round Four, and L.I.F.T. Camp 8.0. We kicked it off with an intense Killa Core Conditoning class that I think it's fair to say left everyone gym nasty but happy. Good job fighters and Lifters!

Today Isa joined our crew but we also have another person joining us for the first time, Mel. She just recently joined our L.I.F.T. Camp so we're happy to see our Lift crew is getting bigger.

For this round of the Revenge Fight Training AND L.I.F.T., we'll just be using the one link sent to you all last night in the reminder email so please keep that link on hand. It's also listed at the side column of this page, just in case you lose it.

Tomorrow we have Boxing II, then on Thursday we have L.I.F.T. and we end the week with a Full Body Pump workout for those of you fighters in Revenge Fight Training. As you know, ECQ has been extended yet again so let's not let this discourage us or make us lose our focus. Health and fitness continues so so should your focus and determination. Use your frustration and annoyance of it all to fuel your workouts. Use it to create that "Wow moment" when everyone sees you after ECQ and they note something is different about you. Use it to also motivate yourself and those around you, after all, you never know who is being inspired by your daily grind. So keep it up ladies.

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