Day One!!!

We kicked off a new week with a new camp -- Get Swole!!!

We have Revenge Fighers in the Revenge Fight Training.

Lifters in L.I.F.T. Camp.

...and now we have Swole Sistas in Get Swole.

For this round of camps, we added the Get Swole camp to our line-up and it's a packed camp. Love it! We kicked off our training today with Killa Core AND a new workout program set up. Sorry for some of the technical errors today, we're still trying to get used to this program, but stay tuned to Wednesday's Get Swole workout on it. We've got some badass cool features we'll be flexing, to help you with your workout form and energy levels.

Just a quick heads up on our L.I.F.T. Camp 11.0. We've changed it to a different day AND time -- from Thursday at 7am to Friday at 10am. So if you know any of your gal pals that want to join in on it but can't because of the early time, please let them know this class isn't just for the early risers anymore.

Great to see those of you who could join us online for today's Killa Core. Be sure to stay tuned to the Coach's Corner here for extra workout tidbits and pointers. See you at the next training.

-- Coach Amy

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