Do you Reward yourself?

I thought I'd throw you some food for thought here regarding your training...

When setting up the Empowered On Demand (EOD), I sent out an email to all participants, letting them know how to set up their training schedule and little home gym, but I also wrote about rewarding yourself. This is what I wrote:


This is the pointer that everyone loves. Set mini goals for yourself during this soft launch, like getting in X workouts in Week One, and then set rewards for your goals slayed. Rewards are an awesome means of motivation plus, let’s face it, you will deserve them for staying committed. I’m not particularly big on encouraging clients to reward themselves with food because nutrition is huge when it comes to trimming down and toning up. It can be very counter-intuitive to reward yourself with something like McDonald’s. Just don’t order enough food to feed a small country if that’s going to be your reward. Other ideas for possible rewards include a new pair of runners or new gym clothes, perhaps some new exercise equipment or a night of at-home spa treatments.

So my question here to all of you is simple, have you been rewarding yourself for your continual efforts and commitment to your training?

As mentioned above, I'm not talking about rewarding yourself for your training by being counter-intuitive and going on a binge-fest at your local buffet restaurant. I'm talking about giving yourself healthy rewards.

Here are some suggestions for healthy rewards:

  • treat yourself to a spa day

  • indulge in a DIY home spa day

  • buy new runners

  • purchase a new gym bag

  • order a piece of custom fitness apparel

  • get new training gear

  • upgrade your current training equipment

  • give yourself a day off training

  • get a manicure/pedicure

  • subscribe to a premium Spotify membership

  • buy new workout clothes

  • get a custom water bottle made for yourself

  • get a favourite workout affirmation made into a bracelet

The key here with rewards is whatever reward you choose, it shouldn't derail your goals or healthy habits. Have a reward idea? We'd love to hear it so please share it in the comment section below, thanks.

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