Double Booking

Thank you to all you fighters on the list to fight out Round Four. We've got three levels this round and we'll be hosting some challenging Skills Development Classes so I hope you participate in them as well.

Just a heads up, some of you continue to register every class, please don't. The month-long, 4 week camp is sold by the round, with this being Round Four, so IF YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF BOXING BOOTCAMP, you're good to go for the rest of the camp. Registering every boxing or core conditioning class because it then lists you as double booking, it double charges you, it leaves minus numbers in our accounts and it basically creates an online mess. So, unless you're cool with paying double, please refrain from giving us this extra work... although, I'll admit, we're cool if you want to give us the extra pay!

We ONLY ask that you register for the Skills Development Classes if you're interested in participating in them. As for the boxing and core classes, once you've paid for the camp, you're good.

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