Empowering other women

Thank you ladies for all your hard efforts and continual dedication to training throughout this pandemic. It is so much appreciated, respected and admirable. As we conclude this round of camps, let's continue to stay focused on our goals and remember why we're training hard.

At this point in the pandemic, training is not about vanity, it's about sanity. And as funny as that sounds to write and to read, it's so true. The benefits of staying active have reached a whole other level that pre-pandemic many of us didn't consider or realize. Some of you have been training with Empowered since the start of this pandemic and that's awesome. It's also super inspiring to others outside of Empowered and I wanted to tell you that. You've been inspiring women you haven't even met but I get random messages all the time from even more random women that I too have never met. They talk about your fitspiration efforts and that's really awesome.

This upcoming week is your much-deserved Break Week. So take the week to rest, recover and rechange. For those wanting to stay active, awesome, we have you covered with THREE workouts. See post below.

All of this week's workouts, the three being hosted by Empowered, are free to you but they're also free to ANY woman ANY where so feel free to invite your gal pals. No registration is required. Just simply log into the Zoom meeting with the ID below and password. It's really that simple. We're offering these free workouts during Break Week because we know some of you don't want a full week off and we also want to help reach out to other women who are perhaps curious about training with us but don't know if they want to commit just yet.

We want to encourage you to invite your gal pals because staying active and staying healthy has never been more of a priority and the benefits of doing so during a pandemic go well beyond just the physical perks. The mental perks of surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded empowered women who will support and keep you motivated can really make all the difference to how others are getting through their situation.

We are empowered women, let's help empower other women.

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