Fighters' Award Ceremony -- Round Four

Four months strong and now going into the fifth -- Round Five. Next week Round Five starts and we're excited about that but today it was all about celebrating the badassery of you fighters committed to training hard and really quite the skilled fierce fighters.

We kicked the Awards Ceremony off with a little cartoon about some of the "additional things" we've been learning at boxing.

We then went on to get recognition and respect to those of you who have graduated from one level to the next since our last Fighters' Award Ceremony two months ago.

Graduating from Level One to Level Two:

  1. Karol

  2. Angela

Graduating from Level Two to Level Three:

  1. Bella

  2. Madille

  3. Saemgyeol

  4. Bianca

  5. Rara

Our Special Awards of Recognition included the following three special awards:

  1. Round Four Champion -- Ish

  2. The Crowd Favourite -- Bella

  3. The Underdog -- Karol

Congrats to ALL fighters who have been participating in both Round Three and Round Four, and actually to those who trained only in the earlier rounds. Quarantine has been hard for us to deal with and harder for some, but we hope that training together in Empowered's Boxing Bootcamp gave you a little extra boast of positivity and gave you something to look forward to each week.

With quarantine now coming to an end, we will still be continuing on with the Boxing Bootcamp, Round Five. We will go full force with Round Five and then see where it takes us for hopefully an equally strong Round Six.

Thank you again to all you fighters for your continual dedication to training, positive vibes and hilarious moments during it. You all are inspiring athletes and I'm a proud coach having trained you. Let's continue to stay strong, stay focused and train hard together.

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