First At-Home Practice for Round 3

The bell has gone and the boxing rounds in Round Three have officially started. Today we had those in Boxing II step up and throw bunches of punches with 10 solid rounds of boxing after a round of shadow skipping.

For your 10 rounds of boxing, we focused on the jab, the hook, the body shot, and upper cut, with weaving and slipping being your primary defence and both the corkscrew 2 and corkscrew hook being added into the training.

Here are the four main combos we focused on in today's HIIT-style workout:

COMBO 1: Double jab, 2, weave, 2, 1-2

COMBO 2: 1-2, round hook, weave, 2, hook

COMBO 3: Round body, round hook, 1-2, round weave, 1, cork hook

COMBO 4: Jab-upper-hook, weave, (triple throw) jab-upper-hook

For your At-Home Practice, I have split each combo up into 4 sections and have marked the end of each section with a "/". Please practice each section 10x before adding the next section to it.

COMBO 1: Double jab/ 2/ weave, 2/ 1-2

COMBO 2: 1-2/ round hook/ weave/ 2, hook

COMBO 3: Round body, round hook/ 1-2/ round weave, 1/ cork hook

COMBO 4: Jab-upper-hook/ weave/ (triple throw) jab/ upper-hook

For example, practicing Combo 1 would go as follows:

10x Double jab

10x Double jab, 2

10x. Double jab, 2, weave, 2

10x. Double jab, 2, weave, 2, 1-2

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