Gearing up for Round Two

With us entering the final week of Round One for Revenge Fight Training, we've got the next round to gear up for. Are you in? For Round Two we're teaming up with SHOOR and for sure will have more fighters and more challenges. So if you're in, awesome, be sure to click on the link HERE to go to SHOOR and sign up because sign up for the next round will be on their page, not Empowered Clubhouse.

If you're not able to join us for the next round, we just wanted to say thank you for joining us for the first round of our Revenge Fight Training. We hope we kicked your new year off on a positive note, filled with an overdose of endorphins from training and kicking butt, and new found fierce female friends in your corner.

But the round isn't over just yet.... stay strong, stay focused, and we'll see you at training!

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