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Our first round of Get Swole has finished and the response and effort I got from all you ladies, the Swole Sistas, was awesome and very encouraging. I always end my workouts with you online by thanking you for your continual efforts and positive energy but I hope you know I am truly and sincerely grateful for each and every one of you.

We've all been dealing with quarantine and Covid in our own ways and I'm sure we've all had our share of personal struggles and challenges and I am no different. Thirty minutes before our last session of Get Swole (Friday's Body Pump) I got word that a family member who is also part of my company's building team had suddenly died the night before. I appologise if any of you noticed I got a bit teary eyed in our second set but I was pretty quick to try to cover it up, shake it off. You ladies really gave me the strength to continue and I knew I'd feel so much better if I was coaching you, hence why I never canceled the class.

I share this personal story with you not to have you feel sorry for me or for you to feel the need to reach out to me but to let you know you're all impacting each other in ways you probably aren't even aware of it. You've impacted me.

Covid sucks, I agree, and quarantine is rough, I totally agree too, but the silver lining in it all has been it's what has brought us together to train online. If we weren't in this situation, we wouldn't have resorted to training online and many of us would never have met.

Always try to look for the good and this is the good in the bad situation we have.

Thanks again for your continual effort in the workouts, you're all incredibly patient whenever I have technical difficulties and that's awesome, and regardless of whether you continue training online with Empowered, I wanted to let you all know your presence in the class mattered. Whether it was Wendy making us smile with showing us Biggie or Elvis, Mitch being an amazing example to her daughter Ysabel and us all witnessing that, or Madille cranking out the reps like a beast, you all are fitspirational women and I'm grateful for each and every one of you.

Next week starts the next round of camps and I've created a new camp -- Lunch Box. I know many of you have decided to continue, that's awesome, and that means that some of you are switching up your training to trying out other camps. That's also awesome. I hope that you're benefiting from my coaching and the camps in more ways than just making your body stronger. I hope you're mentally and emotionally benefiting from our online workouts and that they've had a positive effect in helping you cope with quarantine life. If they have, that's fabulous, please share word of our camps with your friends so that Empowered can continue to empower others and expand it's community of Empowered women. It'd be so great to build our online community of Empowered women.

Thanks ladies... Swole Sistas. You're awesome.

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