Going Strong and Stronger

Updated: Aug 19

Ladies, ladies, ladies.... the prizes are here but where are you all???

This week I hosted NOT ONE but TWO Live online workouts and I was really hoping more of you would come out. I know, I know, schedules are crazy, that's true, so on that note I hope you're all doing well with the challenge and are staying focused, staying committed. Don't forget to schedule your Coach Check-in with me this weekend. Last weekend several of you took me up on it and it was great to get feedback from you and to have you all ask about extending curiosities, like preworkout and supplements. Good job, ladies. Love to hear that many of you are really putting forth an honest effort. Keep it up!

Be sure to check out the emailed newsletter with this week's calendar in it. Be sure to follow it but understand that you CAN do a workout on the repeat if you want. That's totally okay and, if anything, that's actually encouraged. I want you to challenge yourself but I also want you to have fun while doing so. So if there's a workout you really liked or a workout that you want to kick it up a notch with doing it again, hell yeah. Do it again!!!

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