Gym Nasty Body Pump

I thought I'd share the "wonderful" Body Pump workout we did today online, just in case some of you ladies who missed it wanted to try it out this weekend... wink, wink.

Today's Body Pump workout was a EMOM workout -- Every Minute On the Minute -- which meant I gave you a particular exercise to perform a certain amount of reps for. However, instead of me picking the number, for Round One I designated a couple of exercises to each of the ladies and the number of reps they completed within the 30 seconds on was the number we used for the following two rounds. Then, for Round Three, I added 2 reps to each of the exercise rep counts.

Try it out.

Listed below are is the exact execution of today's Body Pump but if you want to add an extra challenge, do like what I did with our Swole Sistas today and use their rep count in Round One for the rep count for Round Two and then add 2 (or more... ?!) extra reps for Round Three.

And yes... if you want to do that, awesome. Definitely try it out. Let us know how it went for you too. If you post it on social media, be sure to tag Empowered Clubhouse so we can cheer you on and share your awesomeness. Thanks ladies.



30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, with a 60 second round break at the end.

  1. Loaded beast push up

  2. Plank jacks

  3. Forward lunges

  4. Touch downs

  5. Inch worms

  6. Plank with leg lifts

  7. Roll ups

  8. Pile squats

PLANK TIME – 60 seconds


60 seconds to complete each exercise with a 60 second round break at the end.

  1. 12 Loaded beast push up

  2. 32 Plank jacks

  3. 8 Forward lunges

  4. 20 Touch downs