How to Jump Rope like a Boxer

Launching the start of our Skills Development Classes... are you game?!

This Sunday (June 21st, 2pm) we'll be officially starting our Skills Development Class. These classes are free and open to ALL active fighters training with Empowered Clubhouse. So regardless of if you're doing personal training, small team training, are a part of the BoxFIT Afterschool Program, or are one of our fighters in the Boxing Bootcamp, these classes are for YOU!!!

They're short 30 minute classes that focus on specific skills, drills and exercises needed to improve your boxing. So we're going to start with a class that focuses on one of the most essential exercises ALL boxers must learn to do and incorporate into their training -- jumping rope!!!

The preference would be that you have a jump rope for the class, of course, but if you don't have one, let us know and we could possibly rent out a jump rope to you. There is always the option of shadow skipping, for the sake of participating in the class and trying out what you learnt on a later day, with a rope. It's your call but if you're interested then please leave a comment that you'll be attending in the comment section below. This way when we see fighters entering the waiting room on Zoom, we'll know to let you in the class, no problem. Thanks fighters.

(The Zoom link will be added to the side bar.)

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