How to pick weights

Welcome to the Swole life. You are officially Swole Sistas in training... good stuff.

Just a heads up ladies, if you're looking to build up your gym equipment stash, this is what I recommend:

  1. a yoga mat

  2. a pair of light weights -- something light to work your shoulders and triceps.

  3. a pair of medium weights -- something appropriate for your chest and biceps.

  4. one heavy weight -- something for working your back and legs.

The preference would be to get a pair for both the light weight and medium weight but, if you can't, ideally you'd want to get the light weight in a pair. You can always use both the light weights together, to equal 1 medium weight, like I had you do today with the goblet squat with kickbacks and reverse lunge with core twist.

As for the yoga mat, I'm not a yogi so I really don't have a preference of yoga mat but I have bought my fair share of them. And honestly, the ones my clients tend to like the best are the ones with a bit of extra padding, regardless of if they're not the best quality and flake off a bit. We're only using our yoga mat really for our Killa Core on Monday so unless we're doing planks, it's most likely your tailbone on the mat so that's where the extra padding is a pure blessing.

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