Important Dates to Take Note Of

Before we get to those important dates, check this out. Am loving Reebok's #BeMoreHuman campaign, don't you?!


Wednesday, August 25, 7pm NO Whine Wednesday event

Friday, August 28, 7am Rescheduled class for Week 4's Level 2 Bootcamp

Monday, August 31 -- Sunday, September 4, THERE WILL BE NO GROUP TRAINING.

Monday, September 7, 7am ROUND SIX -- Boxing Bootcamp, Level One starts

Tuesday, September 8, 7am. ROUND SIX -- Boxing Bootcamp, Level Two starts

Wednesday, September 9, 7am ROUND SIX -- Boxing Bootcamp, Level Three starts

Thursday, September 10, 7am L.I.F.T. Camp starts up again

Saturday, September 12, 7am ROUND SIX -- Core Conditioning starts

Please note the time change for Core Conditioning, from 8am to 7am.

In anticipation of our new crew of two that will be joining the Empowered Clubhouse staff team, during the week of August 30th THERE WILL BE NO BOXING BOOTCAMP, L.I.F.T. CAMP OR WHINE WEDNESDAY. I will only be coaching my online personal training clients. This is a big move for me to go from my one-woman team of just me, myself and I, to taking on two assistants and having them move into the Clubhouse. I hope you can understand and respect the needed prep time as I not only prepare the legalities and clubhouse for their move-in day but also get my own personal time to digest this jump and relax my anxieties regarding it.

Our first official team member will be arriving September 15th, possibly a day or two earlier, and our second team member will be arriving at the end of September. When they arrive I will definitely introduce these two amazingly cool gals to you and let you send them some extra positive vibes.

I'm sorry is this inconveniences anyone but Empowered Clubhouse but since Day One of quarantine Empowered Clubhouse has really stepped up it's game, adapted our services offered, and has been fighting strong to keep you focused and fit during this pandemic. It's over 160 days later now and we're really needing to take a bit of a break so we can give our undivided attention to making this big move as smooth as possible. It's full of a lot of added expenses, legalities and difficulties, so we need to attack and conquer this. I hope you understand.

So consider August 30th your week off -- please enjoy a staycation on us. Sleep in, wake up when the birds (or roosters) wake you up and enjoy that first strong cup of coffee knowing that you're helping us build Empowered Clubhouse stronger than ever. We're incredibly grateful for all that have been training hard with us during quarantine so enjoy a little week off, let your body rest and then we'll meet up again the following week, stronger and more focused than ever.

-- Coach Amy

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