INTO THE Final Week

We're already in Week Four, is that right?! Yes, it is. Maybe it hasn't gone by fast for you but it definitely has for me.

During this round of camp for Get Swole, we changed the execution of our workout by focusing on static holds and supersets.


We kicked off the camp with a Tabata-style workout to introduce you to the exercises we will be using for this round of the camp.


We added static holds to our Week One Tabata-style workout, to add some intensity and really work the muscle by stressing it in flex mode.


We incorporated supersets into our workouts. Supersets are when you pair 2 or 3 exercises together and do them back to back. We had a short 5 second break in between our paired exercises in each superset but it hardly was a break but instead was more like "transition time" from one exercise to the next.


This is the week we're currently in now. And despite the technical difficulties we had on Monday with our Killa Core, I wasn't able to fully combine all points of the three previous weeks. You'll see it with Wednesday's workout though... wait for it, wink wink. For Killa Core though, we paired up our supersets from Week Three, performed static holds (from Week Two) after each exercise, and did 3 rounds of each.

As you can see, it's very easy to increase the intensity of a workout and get a totally different workout from what appears to be the same workout. You just need to focus on the execution of it and map it out differently. I know most of you don't have the luxury of upping your weights or using various ones like you would in a gym so how you map out the execution of your workout is key to the quality of your workout.

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