Good to see all you ladies up and early, and on Zoom for our Killa Core Conditioning class. Sorry about the technical difficulties but we continued on so it's all good.

Almost all of you are now registered here on the Coach's Corner, thank you. It was a little hectic with many of you signing up right before class but what's a Zoom class without a little last minute chaos.

Out of the 20 signed up for the Revenge Fight Training, Round Five, or L.I.F.T. Camp 9.0, we had a show of 13 ladies. That's good but my expectations are high for you ladies. I want great from you. I want to see you all there, training hard and really trying to push yourself and each other. As a coach and professional athlete, I'm HUGE on commitment, it's got me far in my career. So committing to be fit, being committed to showing up and on time, and not giving up, this is what impresses me the most, not how many reps or what level you're on. So please continue to stay committed and I'll definitely stay committed to you. I also reward you in the end, those who display such strong commitment.


Tomorrow we'll be having Boxing II and then on Wednesday we'll have Boxing I, plus note who is in the following two levels. If I got your level wrong, please message me, no problem.

BOXING II -- Tuesday, 7am

  1. Madille

  2. Saemgyeol

  3. Hindy

  4. Bea

  5. Donna

  6. Diane

  7. Bianca

BOXING I -- Wednesday, 7am

  1. Kay

  2. Nicole

  3. Andrea

  4. Ate

  5. Bernice

  6. Camille

  7. Therese

Please note I will email you every night before your training, which means I'll be emailing Boxing II level Revenge Fighters. Also, we'll be using the same link we used today for the entire month's worth of training so keep it on hand.

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