L.I.F.T. Camp 5.0 At-Home Practice

Hey... we were missing a some faces today!!!

L.I.F.T. Camp 5.0 lifted off today and thought it was a small class, it was a really good one with Set One really kicking our butt!!! Soooooo... because of that, sorry not sorry but your At-Home Practice for this week is to do a REPEAT of Set One.

[Enter in Alicia Keys singing "My quads are on fire!!!"


10x Sumo squat pulses (3) with (2 step) shuffle

10x side leg lifts -- left leg

10x side leg lifts -- right leg

10x double cross knee tuck (both left then right tuck) w narrow squat

If you're looking for a solid and butt-kicking quick leg workout and have a resistance band available, try out this bad boy.

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