...there will be more rounds, don't worry. We will punch again soon enough.

Tomorrow we have the Full Body Pump workout online, Wednesday at 7am, and then our 21 Day Workout Challenge starts on Thursday.

We hope many of you join us!

For Boxing II this round, we focused solely on one of the four main styles of boxing -- outfighting. So for the past four weeks we've been learning how to fight light an outfighter/ outboxer.


  • An outboxer likes to stay on the outside, they move around a lot.

  • Main form of defence is maintaining distance from their opponent.

  • Get in, get out.

  • Keep your jab out to keep your opponent at a distance.

  • bounce back

  • back step

  • double jab

  • upper jab

  • body jab

  • body straight

  • double

  • jump hook

  • long lead hook

  • long upper cut

  • overhand rear/lead

Wow, that's actually a lot of stuff we covered it, now that I can see it all written down here. Good job fighters, seriously.

Tomorrow we have our Full Body Pump so thank you for allowing me to switch is so to accompany the launch day of the 21 Day Workout Challenge. Please note that our Revenge Fight Training will resume with Round Seven after the 21 Day Workout Challenge, so that will be August 2nd.

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