Looking at next round

Just a heads up ladies... fighters and Swole Sistas, the new schedule has been officially set for the next round of camps and you'll notice TWO MAJOR THINGS...

  1. TIME CHANGE -- the morning camps will now start at 7:15am and go for 45mins. Most of our classes only go for 45 minutes as it is so we decided to let you sleep in a little bit longer and then join us. We hope you enjoy the 15 extra minutes of down time.

  2. A NEW CAMP -- Revenge Fight Training has concluded and now we've got BoxFit. It'll be somewhat like the Revenge but we will not be doing the Body Pump class with the Get Swole ladies, the Swole Sistas. Instead, we'll be doing a more boxer-focused power conditioning class -- strength and conditioning exercises that are more specially appropriate for fighters. This will include calisthenics (body weight exercises) and various skill-specific exercises, like agility ladder drills and jump rope.

Also, and I suppose this is a THIRD MAJOR THING, we will be opening up the Pre-Camp Training to ALL women, not just those who register early. We want to encourage more women to join our camps so we felt this was a great opportunity to join us with no strings attached and see what training with us is really like. Then it's up to them to decide if they want to join the camp or not, no pressure. Hopefully we get a good turn out, please share this with your friends, because training at home during a pandemic is hard but it can also be a lot of fun when you're in such an empowered and supportive community as ours.

And there you have it, the low down of what's being set up for the next round of camps. We hope you continue training with us and we encourage you to invite your friends to join in. Working out these days has never been more NOT about vanity and MORE about sanity than ever and I feel like I've been saying that on the repeat. We're in a pandemic, a health pandemic, where people's mental health is clearly being tested. Let's stick together, train together and get stronger together -- mind, body and spirit. Thanks ladies and thank you for your continual dedication and efforts at training, I really appreciate it.

-- Coach Amy

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